Housing Development Act

Is the Housing Tribunal effective?

  Scenario A: You want to file your claim at the Housing Tribunal? Aiyah, better not lah, waste of time only. My friend filed his claim two years ago. Unti...Read More

HBA takes legal action against KPKT

“Buyers of Palace Court suffered a delay in the delivery of their homes and the granted E.O.T. will now extinguish their compensation rights”, says ...Read More

Addressing abandonment issues

ALTHOUGH the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Act, 1966 (HDA) has been tweaked and fined-tuned on numerous occasions in the past, it has still not ...Read More

Act 242 – The proposed Register of Property Managers

A BILL was tabled in the current session of Parliament on 1.8.2017 for its First Reading and subsequently on 3.8.2017 for its Second and Third Readings. It is t...Read More

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