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iHAUS can play a pivotal and positive role in improving the level of understanding and achieve its target in ensuring that all feedbacks, points and views by industry Stakeholders are heard, discussed and deliberated with the view towards betterment of the housing and property industry through sustainable property development.

We have embarked on our humble and sincere invitation and participation of the professionals, experts and trade establishment and voluntary based Organizations that are prevalent in the industry. Big names like REHDA, FIABCI, HBA, PAM, PEPS, RISM, MIEA, ICEM, PEJUTA and a host of many others will be invited to participate and interact in our platform and Forum Board to offer their point of view and offer constructive criticism and positive recommendations towards the overall betterment of the property industry. JMBs. MCs. RAs and their council/ committee members too are welcome to interact amongst themselves.

iHAUS have a clear understanding of property development and are ready and able to host the platform and Forum vehicle to address the root causes of the woes plaguing the industry, instead of merely highlighting the symptoms. We understand the mechanics of property development and how our ideals fit into the real market scenarioWe can monitor this and create awareness among the developers, real estate investors and house buying public with the aspiration to work to improve the industry.

We admit that the housing industry is not perfect, and there is much room for improvement. Any criticism of the industry should be fair and objective and backed with facts and figures if it is to help the industry to mature.

iHAUS Recognizes experts who have made extraordinary contributions to this platform who will continue to monitor and administer the good conduct of this website hosted here.

iHAUS’s 3E

iHAUS will continuously advocate and instill in the Surfers to adopt best practices and adhere to the 3Es namely:
Empowerment, Education and Efficacies



  • A Gateway to information, feedbacks and recommendations for all who seek knowledge
  • To provide and host the platform and Forum Board for all interested/ vested parties (past, present and potential) to interact and exchange of their view-points and perspective in their own area of expertise on topics of common and public interest
  • To create awareness of housing related issues on all real properties.
  • To undertake independent authoritative interest, co-ordinate a check and balance for all Stakeholders and their legitimate interests in the housing and property industry.
  • To disseminate information of interest to the surfers through the publication/ excerpts of newspapers, collating published articles written by icons/ champions of the industry and the likes through the established Organization that is prevalent in the property market.
  • To be a watcher, public reviews and rating in the housing industry.
  • To obtain feedback and collect data/proposals for the betterment of the housing and property industry.
  • To foster  goodwill, spirit of togetherness and to promote good relationship among the surfers, visitors , promoters, participants and administrators of this site• To protect and to promote the common interests/welfare of the Stakeholders in the property industry.
  • Coordinate updates on seminars/ events/ launching by the various trade Organizations, trade exhibitions and to serve as a catalyst for any public events vis-à-vis real property related



It has come to pass that over the years, housing developers, investors, banks and financiers, professionals, contractors and property buyers and owners have become more vocal with what is not right in their corner of the world. The result of their persistent calls for improvement coupled with the fact that the market has now swung in their favour unlike during the ‘glorious’ boom era, have catalyzed many changes. These include the formation of in-house quality control systems and after-sales consumer care services by several responsible developers, as well as amendments to legislations governing the housing industry. Professionals too have been more alerted of the wants in the industry by their clients, government authorities and consumers.

A sure sign of a progressing nation is the ability of its people to comment upon and yes, even criticize their environment. Their dialogue, as long as it’s constructive, should be applauded, while any silence should be deemed not as the sound of fear but as quiet nods of agreement.Of course, such voicing can only work when things aren’t swept under the carpet any more, and an agenda of baring all, has begun. It also requires a large dose of responsibility and a high degree of inventiveness. Don’t procrastinate for the sake of doing so, without accompanying a problem with a suggested solution would merely be to incite frustration, and with that, visions of a future colored only in bleakness and disappointment.To overcome this requires people of sophistication, advanced in thinking and with the aptitude to offer doable propositions. It also requires recipients willing to listen, for to have cleverness fall on deaf ears would be to plod back to square one – to provoke frustration. So more than just being able to tender notions of perfection, the mark of a truly advancing nation is one where those in the position to make changes actually want to do something about it..You would have to call this platform and vehicle – iHAUS a genuine care for humankind that makes the initiators of this website want to give up free time, spend their own money and expend energy in inviting professionals, trade and voluntary Organization to resolving issues that would directly or indirectly benefit all that seek knowledge with a view towards empowerment of the surfers here. And you have to appreciate it as another mark showing the advancement of the country.Starting immediately we will be hosting a Forum Board for all to address issues and suggesting solutions that could pave the way to a more efficient and qualitative housing industry. With all eyes focusing on this vehicle – iHAUS, such a goal will be an eventuality.

Welcome aboard, Surfers to iHAUS.